Everyone needs a relationship health check.

A relationship and marriage book journal that invites you into a journey utilizing penetrating thoughts, spiritual insights and practical wisdom.

Start with a Book Journal

Discover the power of building a healthy relationship with God and each other.

Can one person fight for their relationship? Yes! Through conducting regular health checks with this Book Journal will help individuals and couples fully experience how remarkable this process can be!

Find freedom from your past wrongs and current struggles by openly and honestly assessing your relationship journey.  Our hand-crafted Book Journal is a superb tool to help you learn and practice how to:

“At this point, we realized we couldn’t fix everything on our own.”

Health check is a lifestyle - encouraging you with fresh perspectives, sound principles, and powerful activities in your relationship.

What are you wrestling with today?

Take a moment and Be Still.

Pray and check in with God.

Journal your thoughts & what’s in your heart.

5 Habits of a Healthy Marriage

I’ve heard it said that success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. I couldn’t agree more. And the same is true in marriage.

Your marriage success depends on the small efforts you repeat daily. The question is, ‘What are your daily marriage habits?’

If you want a healthy marriage, I’d like to suggest you start pursuing the following 5 habits today!